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There is more than meets the eye to achieving the perfect concrete driveway. The perfect driveway cant just look the part it also has to stand the test of time and be above all functional. You can have the prettiest most durable driveway in the street but if you need a 4WD to get into it there is something wrong. After forty years of preparing and pouring concrete driveways of all types, shapes and sizes we have got it down to a fine art.

concrete driveway sunshine coastThe most common form of concrete driveway we construct is knows as a plain grey driveway, this is as the name suggests a standard concrete mix with no colour oxide additives. The grey concrete driveway comes in different strengths from 25mpa to 32-40 and above depending on how heavy a load the drive way will see in its lifetime.

Driveway thickness is also a talking point in driveway construction. The standard concrete driveway thickness for everyday light car use is 100mm but it is not uncommon for a client to request a slightly thicker driveway of either 125mm or even 150mm just for the added peace of mind that extra thickness will give you in terms of strength and durability and ultimately longevity.

Steel reinforcement is another integral part of concrete driveway construction and as such we recommend to our clients a minimum steel gauge of what is called F72 this is sufficient for the average residential concrete driveway.

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