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Rawcon specialise in Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways, Patios, Concrete Slab Construction and Concrete Slab Extensions.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete sunshine coast

Whether it be a light, medium or heavy exposed aggregate concrete wash you require, Rawcon has got you covered. The different exposed aggregate mixes and colour oxide combinations are endless. We understand this can be daunting and this is why we are happy to sit down with our clients and find a stone, wash and color combination that best compliments your home – all obligation free, and free of charge.

At Rawcon we take particular pride in our exposed aggregate driveway finishes. The degree of difficulty in achieving the perfect exposed aggregate driveway is usually much higher due to the different falls you have to work to and the area usually being larger.

Exposed aggregate concrete can be used as follows:
  • driveway
  • patio
  • footpath
  • pool surrounds
  • slab extensions
So what is exposed aggregate ?

Exposed aggregate concrete, as the name suggests, is a concrete finish where the top layer of concrete is washed off to expose the aggregate (stone) to the desired depth. This is a complicated process where timing, that comes with years of experience, is extremely important to achieve the perfect end result.

To achieve the exposed aggregate  finish you mush apply either sugar or a product called Rugasol at precisely the right time. This retards or stops the curing process of the top layer of concrete, allowing it to be hosed off some time later, not affecting the underlying concrete. Whether it be a light or heavy wash, it is a matter of how strong the retarding agent, how much you apply, when you apply it, and how early you wash it off.

See our Completed Projects page for photos of the finished products and all of the styles of Exposed Aggregate Concrete.

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