Concrete Slab Extension Sunshine Coast

Rawcon Concrete can help you increase the usable or livable space in your house or on your property by extending onto existing concrete slabs.

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The four most common concrete slab extension we are asked to quote are:

  • concrete driveway extension
  • concrete house slab extension
  • concrete patio extension
  • concrete carportdriveway concrete slab extension

A concrete driveway slab extension is a practical and effective solution if you are looking for extra space.

Whether it be an extra parking bay, somewhere to park your boat or work trailer, or to fill in a messy low lying muddy area, a driveway extension is a durable, cost effective solution.

concrete slab extensionA concrete slab extension for your existing house slab will be necessary if you are looking to add an extra living space to your home. Rawcon Concrete Contractors handle all aspects of concrete slab extensions, from the profiling of the site, the excavation and pouring of the footing and the preparing and pouring of the slab. Keep in mind we will need to see an engineering plan with construction specifications before we can give you an accurate quote.

patio concrete slab extension

A concrete patio extension is a great way to extend the usable outdoor area of your home.

This can provide a beautiful, big outdoor entertaining area and is a great way to add value and appeal to your home which can greatly increase the livability of your residence.

Rawcon offers many patio designs and options, exposed aggregate, colour concrete, grey concrete with a broom or sponge finish. Rawcon can also organize a plumping contractor if drainage is required.

concrete slab extensionAnother concrete slab extension option available is a concrete carport. This can be in the form of a concrete floor under a house or a concrete slab separate from your home all together. Rawcon has extensive experience in both. Carports are typically a water wipe finish. A water wipe finish is where you trowel out the slab by hand using water to create a film of  hardened cement over the top of the slab and seals the slab to some extent. This is quite an attractive finish when done correctly.

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