Floating Concrete Steps

Floating Concrete Steps are a form of architectural style concrete that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Sharp clean lines created with modern concrete finishing and form working techniques combine to create the eye catching illusion of floating concrete steps. 

In our experience, no two jobs are the same, each floating stair project requires one of a number of different methods to achieve, some projects require a number of techniques to achieve the clients desired outcome. This is where experience comes into play. Rawcon concrete has been operating on the Sunshine coast and surrounding areas since the late 1970’s, a family run business built on quality of work, innovation and accountability.

Rawcon Concrete specialises in what is known as minimal float concrete steps and landings and is experienced in the different methods used to achieve the smallest float between the concrete steps to accentuate the floating concrete landings illusion. The method we use creates a shadow line between the landings of 25mm high and 100mm deep, a true floating step.

HIDDEN LED LIGHTING – The technique described above creates a true floating step that gives us the ability to completely hide the light source under the shadow line that separates the steps. This hidden LED lighting combined with the clean lines of the finished concrete creates an ultra modern look for your home or business. 

If you have a concept in mind for a floating concrete step project for your home or business, Rawcon Concrete can complete the project from the consultation and design, the installation of the hidden LED lighting to the honing, polishing and sealing of the concrete if required.

Contact RAWCON Concrete today for an obligation free quote on your floating concrete stairs.    


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