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concrete slab sunshine coastConcrete Slab sunshine coast

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Rawcon Concreters Sunshine Coast are experienced in both conventional concrete slab construction as well as waffle pod concrete slab construction. However, we do try and direct our clients towards a conventional concrete slab because, in our experience, they are a superior construction method.

Rawcon Concreters Sunshine Coast services include the preparation of site, profiling, footing-dig-prep-pour, the prep, and the end product of pouring and finishing your slab.

An average conventional concrete slab will take three days to complete from start to finish. Rawcon also supply concrete pumping services when the job calls for it.

Here at Rawcon, we have completed many large architecturally designed concrete house slabs for our clients over the years and can handle any size job, no mater the technical difficulties involved. We pride our self on our flat and straight concrete slabs.

We always strive to make our concrete slabs as flat and straight as possible, because at the end of the day it makes it easier for the next trade to work with. Whether it means tilers don’t have to grind out high spots in the concrete slab or use extra bedding for their tiles because the slab is perfectly flat or the frame is sitting nice and neatly on the concrete slab for the carpenters because it’s perfectly straight – at the end of the day this will save our clients money, and that is what Rawcon aim for.

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