Concrete stairs to be tiled

This Job was not as big as it was technical. forming, placing and finishing concrete stairs is on of the more difficult tasks in concreting. The main reason being, you have to pour the concrete dryer than you normally would, so the concrete holds its form and doesn’t run away under your formwork. This makes the concrete placement more physically demanding and you have less time to work the concrete to the desired finish. Keep in mind this job is finished with it being tiled over in mind.

A big thank you to the client, Jason and Donna for their hospitality

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Exposed Aggregate Driveway – for Muir developments

Thanks to Muir Developments for choosing rawcon concrete to carry out concrete works on their Mcarthur st project.

I believe this exposed aggregate concrete mix was twenty percent white stone. This mix of aggregate worked well with the over all colour scheme of the house. This exposed aggregate concrete driveway came up very nicely, especially considering it was a pump mix, which has more sand and fines in it to push it through the pump without blocking up.

To achieve the end result you are after with exposed concrete, sometimes you have to do the hard yards and place the concrete dryer than you normally would to achieve optimal stone density.


exposed aggregate concrete driveway

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Sponge finish concrete pool surround, Brightwater.

I seem to be doing a lot of sponge finish lately ! love the way it looks, hate the way it stings my back. Rawcon concrete contractors can work with private clients and other subcontractors to prepare and finish poll surrounds and other concrete works in a wide range of concrete finishes. It this case the client went with a plain grey concrete sponge finish concrete and were very happy with the end result.

Why sponge finish over broom finish ?

If you have any vertical walls in a concrete pour like we did in this concrete pool surround, it is standard practice to strip out the formwork and tidy the face up with a sponge. We thought we would go the next step and sponge the rest of the job to match the vertical walls.

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